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29 Apr

Auto Expo News Latest News Analysis Opinion BW Businessworld

Even while a sector, automobile isn’t most profitable. According into data compiled by each Centre for Monitoring Asia Economy, the net edges for twowheelers, passenger new or used cars and commercial vehicles India in were the. per cent, . per cent and . for each cent, respectively. In a directory of sectors, they stood near the th, th and th positions, respectively.

Rohit Suri President and simply MD, Jaguar Land Rover India In a set-up where the competitive strength has been high, the check sheet of the perimeter players does not present you with happy reading. “There is often a misconception that this companies are very profitable. There are some players that are but most are not,” says Sugato Sen, Deputy Director General at Society of Indian Automobiles Manufacturers, the main planner of the expo. “There is an unjustifiable trend in some sections to deal with this sector as a major milch cow.

Companies had to take losses due to variations in emission norms and Goods and services tax. Now that the date for implementing BSVI exhaust norms has also found itself advanced, there is lots of investment that is needed in the near future. So, it is not an unexpected that the companies can be found keeping a watch to their expenses.” Last year, Vehicle grabbed headlines when the device announced its decision if you want to exit the domestic market place place after staying here much more two decades. All the had to show for your effort was accumulated claims of over ` — crore and market share your of under per dime.

It, though, never missed the Auto Expo Headline all the while features in India. Others like for example Ford, Volkswagen and Renault Nissan have also considered the going tough. As opposed to market leaders, these solutions operate on inconsistent then wafer thin operating prices. In a market where winner takes all, those that lead are companies tend to be largely selfsufficient as some other people struggle to get investment from parent firms. “In Hyundai Venue vs Creta of most perimeter players, given the real money burn, funding support hailing from parents has slackened the particular years,” Chirag Shah, self analyst at Edelweiss Stock options said in a report, Race of the Unequals.